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Street Art Attacks or rather Street Art in Period of Confinement

por Jun 4, 2020Arte y cultura

It is with great pride that I am sharing this with you today…

During our new online sequence, we have analyzed different types of street artworks. What most artworks have in common is that it’s a form of expression, whether we like it or not. Street art in particular likes to convey a message: be it a critique of our society, political or just esthetics, beautifying our environment.

After analyzing several artworks in video class, finding the message of each  street artwork after a careful description, the pupils were asked to choose a street painting, recreate it as a “live tableau” following the “TUSSEN KUNST & QUARANTAINEchallenge that started in March. Then, they had to describe the painting and give an interpretation as if they were the artist.

The “live tableau” serves two goals: having fun but also observing the details of the reproduced artwork, facilitating thus a better description and a heightened analysis. Being the artist explaining their art, gives the opportunity to leave the student behind and may act as a kind of liberation.

The results once more are outstanding and here is a sample of the “live tableau” and the artists’ presentation. There are many more, great beyond a doubt, that some students feel too shy to share with us. 

Valérie Sandré (english teacher) & CLASSES OF TROISIÈME – 9TH GRADERS

Look at the pictures, click on one you like and watch the video…

By Alejandro (video)
By Alvaro (video)
By Arthur
By Iñigo (video)
By Beltrán (video)
By Beltrán
By Catalina (video)
By Chloe
By Felix (video)
By Greta
By Ines G
By Ines (video)
By Beatriz (video)
By María (audio)
By Marina (audio)
By Matthieu (video)
By Naomi (video)
By Nicolás (video)
By Nicole (video)
By Nizar (video)
By Salma
By Sofía
By Théo (audio)
By Victor

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