Budding writers

11 enero 2017

Our Troisème are budding writers as you can appreciate in the subsequent texts. Our pupils had to write an extract from an autobiography following the constraint of the genre. Here are some of the results. Fairly good, don’t you think?


Oleg Artemiev Russian cosmonaut

by Pablo 

It was a normal July day on board the International Space Station except for one thing, I was going to perform my first spacewalk. I was very nervous. I put on my space suit, checked everything and went towards the hatch. As I was opening it I stopped for a minute and thought that I was going to walk in space. I couldn’t believe it!

I gently pushed the hatch and left the space module so I could start repairing the broken solar panel, so I went towards it. Suddenly, I stopped and  looked at my surroundings. I was stunned. The blackness of space is impressive. Its deep black color makes you feel intimidated. But one of the most amazing things I saw that day was the Earth. I could clearly see its vast oceans and pieces of land. It was breathtaking. I felt as if I were nothing in the universe. I thought I was dreaming.

I will always remember that July 2014 day as one of the most important days in my life, and in my career as an astronaut.


An autobiography by Sandra Bullock 

by Anna 

I had been waiting for that moment my whole life. Forest Whitaker was right in front of me. He looked at me and told me how amazing and magical my way of acting was. I smiled. Afterwards, he performed a similar speech for the other nominees: Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep… He, later, went away, and Sean Penn took his place. I was so nervous I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but the last words came out of his mouth clearly: “and the winner is Sandra Bullock”. I stared blankly at him for a moment. 

Then, I heard my husband whispering in my ear that he had always known I could make it. I stood up, surrounded by applauses and went on stage. Once I had the Oscar in my hand, I started my speech. I first congratulated the other nominees, by making some joke. The moment finally came to thank my mother, without whom I wouldn’t be standing there, I could feel the tears running down my face. I probably forgot someone important because I hardly could talk.



by Hugo

It was a cold october afternoon. We were waiting for the signal of Trotsky to start the attack.We were planning this moment for two weeks: we had to do two circles of soldiers around the winter palace of Petrograd, and progressively send soldiers and messengers to the palace, but it didn’t really work so we started the second part of the plan. The ones who were in the fortress had to send flares as signal for the”Aurora”, the boat that was pointing with bombs at the palace, but the ones of the fortress had lost the flares, so we started sending more soldiers to the palace. I was very nervous because now, everything could happen. Sometimes some defenders came with us but we still couldn’t enter. Finally, the ones of the fortress found the flares. The attack could begin: the”Aurora” launched around thirty missiles to the palace. Immediately, a lot of defenders were starting to go out hands in up. It was very exiting: now the proletariat will have the power, I’m sure that Marx was very proud of us.
When all the defenders were out, we have sent someone to to put the new flag that we had prepared. Everybody was screaming around me when I entered in the congress room.
When I started talking, everyone was looking at me, I can’t remember very well what I said, but it was something like that:
-Now, the proletariat will be the master of his destiny and be free of the oppression of the tzars and the provisional government and our motherland will be called Savietsky Soyuz!
Finally, we all went to the Shashlik Kingdom (my favorite restaurant) for free because the proprietary was my friend and he wanted to celebrate the beginning of a new age.


Michel Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

by Karen Martínez

When I was 20, I went to Ethiopia. Ethiopia was very nice and I loved going there. But one day I went to a hospital. When I went into there was a long gray corridor full of beds with white shats and hundreds of childrens.  When I asked a doctor why there were so many children and the doctor who took care of the children told me that they didn´t have enough medicines to cure them. At that time I was felt angry, sad and I felt salfish for not collaborating with this hospital and very disappointed too because there were too many injustices in this world. And suddendly I had an idea. When I returned to the USA, I built a home for all children with illnesses and orphans and I called it the Neverland Ranch. When I finished building Neverland Ranch I felt pround of myself and very happy because I could finally help the children. Then I donated 300 millions dollars to the hospital in Ethiopia.    


Rafael Nadal Autobiography

by Diego Ramos

In July 2008, took place one of the most important events of my professional career. I was only 20 years old, and after winning some matches, I reached the Final at the Wimbledon Tournament. I felt great! Despite my youthfulness, I beat the favorites ones of the tournament.

It was emotional and very special for me, because 2 years before I had lost Versus Roger Federer before the fifth set, and it was the opportunity to win the legendary Wimbledon Trophy. Before the match, I was very nervous, but as I was approaching the Central Court, I knew that I couldn’t lose this time.

It was an incredible match, and a lot of people said that it was the best match ever in the History of Tennis. I had won it! I couldn’t believe it! It was something unique and I’m going to remember this moment forever. Without any doubt, this final was my best victory in my professional career!


Agatha Christie’s disappearance

by Daniel

I woke up silently and got out of the bed. I had prepared my bag yesterday so Archibald wouldn’t see me doing it. I had only the most important things: a copy of my first book, the Mysterious Affair at Styles, a notebook in case I wanted to write something and my best companion, my fountain pen. I had also taken the photo of my marriage. Archibald and I looked in love with each other, but this photography was from 1914, and twelve years had passed since then. I also took a picture with Rosalind. The one my husband had taken at her birth in 1919. She was so small… We were both smiling… A tear fell down my face. This was going to be harder that I thought. I had also put some clothes just in case. I looked at my watch. Nine o’clock of December the 3rd of 1926. It was time to go. I dressed up and went to Archie’s side of the bed. I wasn’t in love with him anymore. Since discovering about his lover I had hated him more every day. I wanted a divorce. I wanted it all to be over. I kissed him smoothly, but felt nothing. I went then to Rosalind’s room. She looked so peaceful and so pretty that I began to cry. I didn’t want to say goodbye to her! But I was determined, even if I felt afraid of what would happen and worried for my daughter. I almost left a letter saying that I loved her with all my heart and was going to be fine, but I didn’t. I kissed her on the forehead and got out of the house. I walked along Sunningdale Street until I found my car .I drove around London, peacefully, only for the pleasure of driving, feeling free at last! I wasn’t going to come back! I just didn’t want to! I was going to drive around England until I would be tired of it. I was about to begin the eleven days of my life I still can’t remember, and I probably never will…