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Here are some cartoon, analysed by our students, which can throw a light on the drawbacks to globalisation. Although the authors have made every effort to ensure that the information in this padlet was correct, the authors do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any misconstrued idea or disruption caused by errors or omissions. Drawbacks: Globalization  

We are working now on South Africa or « The Rainbow Nation ». We’ve seen the present South Africa but also its “dark past”, namely the Apartheid era. The students were asked to report on the SOWETO uprising as if they were actual reporters. These radio newsflashes are the result. I hope you’ll enjoy these astounding reports as much as I did. .. .

The students of terminales staged a debate on gun control with the starting question :  Would a ban on guns reduce crime and gun violence in the USA? Each was given a role to act in that debate which was contradictory. All the documents we saw fuelled their argumentation. See how they succeeded.

After preparing the radio programme with various documents on the current issue of legal/illegal immigration to the US, the students were asked to play a role they were given in a broadcast. For their exam, the notion tackled was Spaces and exchanges and the question was : Being “A nation of immigrants”, as JF Kennedy once said, how were the USA made through spaces and exchanges? Changes?    

After preparing the debate studying various documents on the burning issue of guns in the USA, the students were asked to play a role they were given in a TV show on CBS. They had to defend their role point of view. For their exam, the notion tackled was Locations and forms of power and the question is : How can the question of gun control in the USA be seen as a power struggle?