Sixièmes Archivos - Lycée Français Molière

Look how brilliantly they had organised, fancy spookelicious cakes, scary costumes, dreaful company and everything. Well done! ‘Twas a success.  

Look how imaginative our little artists are ! . . . . . . . . .

The pupils have been working on permission and prohibition and driving. They were asked to imagine and act out a dialogue between a driving instructor and a young learner. Listen to what they did!

This time, my pupils made little interviews in the street to know more about people’s tastes. Listen to each pair of students, they did a good job! Tuesday triplette   Wednesday triplette 1   Wednesday triplette 2

As an introduction to spoken production, this recording of a telephone message left to a friend illustrates the ability to communicate simply in a daily life situation. Well done!