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We are working now on South Africa or « The Rainbow Nation ». We’ve seen the present South Africa but also its “dark past”, namely the Apartheid era. The students were asked to report on the SOWETO uprising as if they were actual reporters. These radio newsflashes are the result. I hope you’ll enjoy these astounding reports as much as I did. .. .

Our students tell us about the Soweto Riots as if they’d been witnesses. 400 children were killed while peacefully demonstrating against the new education law. Teo, Celia & Sylvia Pablo & Stella Noah, Nicolás & Yago Natalia & Amaya Elisa, Valentine & Ishak Celia & Adriana

These are some of the topics that you will find in this radio broadcast made by the students of Seconde. We had worked on environmental matters in class just as COP 22 was closing and it became quite clear that a program could be made around this burning issue. The following broadcast was prepared and recorded in English, not such an easy task.

After listening to a Vox Pops, the students were asked to do the same, rehearsing in pairs. The pairs were jumbled and they acted out while recording themselves!  Well done for the improvisation!

The students started working on personality description, describing who they were and some produced very personal videos. Well done and thanks for the ones who allowed me to put them online!

After working on the western ‘Dances with wolves’ and on various documents on Native Americans today, the students wrote a small paragraph on famous Indian chiefs : (Click on the image) . And finally they reacted to what they learnt. Enjoy reading them! (see links below) : (Click on the image)