We’ve been working this term on a very burning issue: refugees’ plight and the key role played by the UNHCR to alleviate the suffering of 65 million displaced people.  For their final task the students had to shoot a TV report dealing with the situation in refugee camps and covering the visit of Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy for the United Nation Refugee Agency.    

The sixièmes have been interviewing classmates about their tastes : listen to what they can say in English !

Tell us about your holidays in Canada…. That was the task for the students of 4eme. After a whole unit about this amazing country, they were asked to record an audio blog to tell people about their trip. Here you can listen to some of the productions. I hope you’ll enjoy them…

These are some of the topics that you will find in this radio broadcast made by the students of Seconde. We had worked on environmental matters in class just as COP 22 was closing and it became quite clear that a program could be made around this burning issue. The following broadcast was prepared and recorded in English, not such an easy task.

Our Troisème are budding writers as you can appreciate in the subsequent texts. Our pupils had to write an extract from an autobiography following the constraint of the genre. Here are some of the results. Fairly good, don’t you think? . Oleg Artemiev Russian cosmonaut by Pablo  It was a normal July day on board the International Space Station except for one thing, I was going to perform my first spacewalk. I was very nervous. I put on my space suit, checked everything and went towards the hatch. As I was opening it I stopped for a minute and thought […]

This term with the first group of students, we worked on the notion of Myths and heroes. In order to illustrate this notion, the movement of the Civil Rights in the USA seemed appropriate since it dealt with prominent figures such as Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr. and their struggles.

The students of terminales staged a debate on gun control with the starting question :  Would a ban on guns reduce crime and gun violence in the USA? Each was given a role to act in that debate which was contradictory. All the documents we saw fuelled their argumentation. See how they succeeded.

After 4 weeks working on the Conquest of the West in the USA, the students were asked to write an article as a budding journalist. This article belongs to the history column entitled “Did you know…?” They were free to speak about the past or the present of native Americans. They aimed at informing their readers on a certain topic, to shed light on facts. Read what they wanted you to know!

After listening to a Vox Pops, the students were asked to do the same, rehearsing in pairs. The pairs were jumbled and they acted out while recording themselves!  Well done for the improvisation!

The pupils have been working on permission and prohibition and driving. They were asked to imagine and act out a dialogue between a driving instructor and a young learner. Listen to what they did!

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