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Are we allowed to take and publish any type of photo? Is it legitimate and ethical to exhibit violent and shocking pictures such as in the World Press Photo Competition? How do photojournalists feel about their job? The students from 1ere tried to answer these questions in a radio debate on the power of photography. They did a great job, I hope you’ll enjoy it.    

Look how brilliantly they had organised, fancy spookelicious cakes, scary costumes, dreaful company and everything. Well done! ‘Twas a success.  

Congratulations to all our year 8 pupils! Last year, by being awarded the first prize in the Mission Laïque Française competition “This is your right” (C’est ton droit), they allowed the opening and functioning of the health room in the MaTindi school, in Sierra Leona. The school health service has also opened its doors to the nearby villagers who didn’t have such facilities. Well done again! Thanks to all of you for your energy and passion which made this dream come true! Here are some recent photos sent from them to us!

Look how imaginative our little artists are ! . . . . . . . . .

Last unit of the year but not least ! A burning issue, bullying at school treated from a creative angle. Click here !

Hum… King Arthur…. King Arthur ….. Let me think….. Knight….. sword….. courageous and noble…. New knights ….. heroes with swords …. A hero …. Yes! That’s it! My Arthurian hero With or without swords Always courageous Not always a knight Sometimes a villain… Let the show begin…  

Here we go again, the same subject yet, a different angle on which to focus on South today and yesterday. Is multiculturalism a reality? Was Apartheid omnipresent? One show takes place in 1976, the 16th of June which of course rings a bell. The other is set 40 years later in 2016.

The 5eme Pasteur describe their routine and tell us about the incredible thing which happened to them this morning…. Check the padlet

Some stories written and illustrated by the pupils of 5ème. Pretty scary, aren’t they? Click de picture to read more…

Here are some cartoon, analysed by our students, which can throw a light on the drawbacks to globalisation. Although the authors have made every effort to ensure that the information in this padlet was correct, the authors do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any misconstrued idea or disruption caused by errors or omissions. Drawbacks: Globalization  

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