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The 5eme Pasteur describe their routine and tell us about the incredible thing which happened to them this morning…. Check the padlet

Some stories written and illustrated by the pupils of 5ème. Pretty scary, aren’t they? Click de picture to read more…

Here are some cartoon, analysed by our students, which can throw a light on the drawbacks to globalisation. Although the authors have made every effort to ensure that the information in this padlet was correct, the authors do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any misconstrued idea or disruption caused by errors or omissions. Drawbacks: Globalization  

We are working now on South Africa or « The Rainbow Nation ». We’ve seen the present South Africa but also its “dark past”, namely the Apartheid era. The students were asked to report on the SOWETO uprising as if they were actual reporters. These radio newsflashes are the result. I hope you’ll enjoy these astounding reports as much as I did. .. .

Our students tell us about the Soweto Riots as if they’d been witnesses. 400 children were killed while peacefully demonstrating against the new education law. Teo, Celia & Sylvia Pablo & Stella Noah, Nicolás & Yago Natalia & Amaya Elisa, Valentine & Ishak Celia & Adriana

As the students of 5ème were working with their French and English teachers on Alice in Wonderland, we decided with my groups of triplettes to select a few scenes of the Disney film and act them out. The kids had very little time to get ready and honestly, when I saw what some of them had been able to do in such a short time, I thought it would be a pity not to share it with you…    

We’ve been working this term on a very burning issue: refugees’ plight and the key role played by the UNHCR to alleviate the suffering of 65 million displaced people.  For their final task the students had to shoot a TV report dealing with the situation in refugee camps and covering the visit of Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy for the United Nation Refugee Agency.    

The sixièmes have been interviewing classmates about their tastes : listen to what they can say in English !

Tell us about your holidays in Canada…. That was the task for the students of 4eme. After a whole unit about this amazing country, they were asked to record an audio blog to tell people about their trip. Here you can listen to some of the productions. I hope you’ll enjoy them…

These are some of the topics that you will find in this radio broadcast made by the students of Seconde. We had worked on environmental matters in class just as COP 22 was closing and it became quite clear that a program could be made around this burning issue. The following broadcast was prepared and recorded in English, not such an easy task.

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